Basic Approaches to Job Analysis

There are three fundamental approaches to job analysis.

Job-oriented Approach

The job-oriented approach mainly focuses on the job outcomes and factors facilitating these outcomes. This approach essentially forms the reasons for the existence of a particular job. For instance, the activities a receptionist is expected to execute and how they could contribute to the organization’s objectives are the discussants in this approach.

Employee-oriented Approach

This approach focuses on the behavioral patterns of the employees in performing their respective jobs. For instance, the behaviors of the receptionist can lead to the desired outcomes of the position. The receptionist is required to be methodical in taking appointments, important calls and making reservations, in addition, to being presentable and courteous to the clients and guests.

Trait-oriented Approach

The trait-oriented approach focuses on the traits required to accomplish job activities. For instance, the reception required to be pleasant and courteous can be linked with the personality trait of service orientation. However, this approach seeks more complex procedures since a single trait may contribute to job performance in over one activity.

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