Significance of Job Analysis in Human Resource

Manpower Planning

It helps in forecasting manpower requirements based on the knowledge and skills and quality of manpower needed in an organization.


A carefully designed job analysis provides information as to what sources of recruitment are to be used to hire employees. For example, job analysis in retail stores about merchandise sorters tells that village-level schools are the potential source of recruitment.


Selection of the right candidate for the right job can only be done with the help of job analysis. In the case of retail stores, a billing assistant can be selected with the knowledge of accounting, cash, and computer operations. This is possible with the help of job analysis.

Training and Career Development

It provides valuable information to develop training programs. It provides information about what skills are to be trained. It also provides information about various techniques to be used in the career development of employees.

Placement and socialization

After people are selected and trained, they must be placed in suitable jobs. It provides information about the suitability of jobs. A clear job analysis guides the process to socialize the employees to develop sound relationships with all those persons.


It provides information as to how much compensation and other financial and non-financial benefits to be associated with each job.

Employee Safety and Welfare

It details information on working conditions. Thus, management tries to provide safety and welfare measures that are outlined in job analysis.

Performance Appraisal

Performance of employees is appraised based on standard criteria provided in it.


A good job analysis provides information to the superiors about the jobs. They use this information to guide and counsel employees about their career options, performance, training requirements, and skill up-gradation.

Strategic Planning

It enables human resource manager to develop a long-range strategic plan in all concerned areas of human resources.

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