Objectives of Human Resource Management (HRM)

The primary objective of human resource management is to ensure availability of productive workforce to an organization. Hence, objectives of HRM are classified into following four categories

HRM Objectives and their supporting functions are listed below
Societal Objectives
1.   Legal compliance
2.   Benefits
3.   Union management relations

Organizational Objectives
1.   Human resource planning
2.   Employee relations
3.   Selection
4.   Training and development
5.   Appraisal
6.   Placement
7.   Assessment

Functional Objectives
1.   Appraisal
2.   Placement
3.   Assessment

Personal Objectives
1.   Training and development
2.   Appraisal
3.   Placement
4.   Compensation
5.   Assessment

A set of emerging objectives comprises of

  1. Research and development for constant updating in view of changing legal, political,   and social environment.
  2. Realise people’s strengths, turn them into productive assets and benefit customers, stockholders and employees.
  3. Motivating the employees to make them exert their maximum efforts.
  4. Helping employees grow to their fullest potential by improving the quality of work life (QWL)

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