Human Resource Management Beliefs

A belief is a mental acceptance of and conviction in the truth, actuality, or validity of something. HRM emphasizes on the belief that the interests of management and employees are on the same plane also, called as the ‘unitary’ approach’.

HRM beliefs can be listed as below

  1. Human resource is the most important asset which can develop and increase.
  2. In a workplace, all employees are equal but have different jobs and because of which they add value every day.
  3. Employees are my most important assets.
  4. True diversity is welcome in a workplace.
  5. Company operations are transparent to employees.
  6. A healthy environment of openness, enthusiasm, trust, and collaboration is essential for a productive human resource.
  7. HRM can be planned and monitored for achieving the objectives of the organization.
  8. A feeling of belonging to the organization makes employees feel committed to their work.
  9. When basic and higher level needs of employees are fulfilled, they feel highly motivated.
  10. Every senior should ensure the development and utilization of the capabilities of it are juniors.

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