Ethical Standards for Human Resource Management (HRM)

Ethics are the set of principles of right conduct and being morally good and bad.

Ethical standards of Human Resource Management are moral obligations of the organization towards the employee involves developing an equitable environment without any regard to the education, position, caste, creed, sex or color of the employee

Various ethical standards of concern under the Human Resource Management involves the following

  1. Human rights
  2. Civil rights
  3. Employment rights like job security, feedback of performance, etc.
  4. An equitable environment for justice and opportunity
  5. Workplace safety
  6. Applying the virtues of respect, fairness, and honesty in an organizational culture
  7. Managing the privacy of employees

Ethical standards serve as a guide for the individuals & the companies to act in an honest & reliable manner. Such standards ought to urge workers for settling on the right choices for the organization. Ethical standards generally start with the hiring process. Selecting talented & ethical employees has to be ensured for maintaining the standards. Employers should also punish the untrustworthy & unscrupulous conduct.

Some fundamental elements are essential for practicing ethical standards. It includes no exploitation of resources, privacy protection, and confidentiality, minimization of risk, transparency of processes, accountability, and compliance.

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